Friday, January 24, 2014

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: The Future of Worldwide Monetary Policy, from Davos, Switzerland. for 2014

The Future of Worldwide Monetary Policy, from  Davos, Switzerland. for 2014

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This week, we have been treated to an infinite array of 'Power Brokers', Heads of States, and a few armfuls of' Billionaire Investors', representing every Continent , who have endeavored to supply, their thoughts, and opinions, as to how to utilize the many Trillions of Capital, at their disposal for both growth and survival. The media. in advance identified that 85 Billionaires, worldwide, controlled assets, which comprised the entire wealth of 3.5 Billion people.

The main topics, were , housing, unemployment, Social Unrest in Europe, the Middle East, Africa.
There was unanimous agreement, that world leaders must, at this critical juncture, function to unilaterally   solve these problems. through much more capital investment, in these critical areas, to achieve, a targeted world G.D.P. of 2% for 2,014...........Interest rates will be volatile, with U.S. Treasuries pricing  reflecting all exogenous events worldwide, with little or no upside in yield through the balance of the year....Stay tuned on this topic........(...10 yr. U.S Note @ 2.74%....close 1/23/2,014)

Much discussion was given to the effects of Q.E. as an important weapon to lessen the negative effects of the '08 financial meltdown.
One could easily draw the conclusion, that optimism, was high, for world economies, however, mixed with some negativity, as to who will lead the way to resolve unemployment, which plagues many of the regions, in the industrialized countries. There appeared to be a high level of 'anxiety' , as it related to this issue.
There was, 'the Deadlock Effect', when unemployment, largely concentrated on the youth, age range, 18 to 40, that constitutes this abnormally large segment of the unemployed, who traditionally, represented a 'strong purchasing segment' had little capacity to carry out this normal function of buying power, which historically, provided the' lubricant' for growth in every nation, as well as the concept of 'eating their young' which stumps the most hardened economists representing the sum total of 'Central Banks' and the infinite number of Lending Institutions, as to how to protect their lending practices without Political, or Government regulation, that serves to 'quench  the thirst' for the most effective solution, which simply is to 'open the vaults', and begin lending for housing,  infrastructure, and industrial, and whatever is needed to keep growth on target, and prevent, any further sliding into a 'variety' of economic imbalances that effect all, who are in need for a more evenly keeled happier economic existence...........

Those of us, who are dedicated to the 'Capitalist System', must utilize the tools, to regenerate, the economic health, and the beauty of our 'Remarkable Country'.
This can only be accomplished by the efforts of each one of us, to function, as a 'United America', inviting,  participation  in the 'strong' regrowth' which we all seek...Lets give the Banking Systems of the world, a unified push, that we're ready and capable of moving forward for everyone;s benefit.

from the desk of Stanley Serklew ..(contact) at(
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