Friday, October 25, 2013

Arizona Property Management & Investments

Arizona Property Management and Investments is one of the largest Residential Property Management Companies in Arizona. Our team has over 20 years of combined property management experience managing various residential investment portfolios worth over 100 million dollars. We offer a worry free Landlord/Tenant environment in a market that continues to become more complex with changes in legislation, placing greater responsibilities on the Landlords.

Types of Properties We Manage:
  • Single Family Homes, Condo's and Townhouses
  • Multi-Family (2 to 100+ units)
Our Philosophy:
We built our business on the philosophy that management by anticipation is more productive and cost effective than management by reaction. The key element in our management philosophy is the recognition that each property is unique. Our management program is designed to be flexible in order to tailor our services to the particular needs of each client.

Our goal is to:
  • Keep your property occupied with quality tenants
  • Maintain the marketability of your property
  • Keep you in compliance with rules and regulations governed by the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act as well as local, state and federal laws.
What we offer:
  • Full time property Managers with unrivaled knowledge and experience
  • Online solutions for our marketing, management, accounting and maintenance operations
  • Cost effective and practical solutions to your property management needs
  • Reliable and dependable maintenance service every day of the year, 24 hours a day without exceptions
Our Services:
  • A range of leasing services for Landlords from "Tenant Find only to "Full Management."
  • Marketing, Advertising and Showing your Property
  • Nationwide Tenant screening; credit, criminal, employment, rental and ownership history
  • Preparation of all Tenancy Agreements & Notices
  • Premise inspection at the beginning, during and end of each tenancy
  • Collection of Rent and pursuing any late fees and HOA fines
  • Collection and Distribution of Rental Tax
  • Payment of HOA Fees, Property Taxes and Utility Bills when authorized
  • Licensing, County and HOA Registrations
  • Prompt payment of net rental income into your bank account
  • Detailed monthly statements 
  • Regular Property Inspections with written reports
  • Arrangement of Maintenance and Repairs
  • Handling any Insurances claims
  • Issuance of notices to tenant
  • Full Eviction Services, (We offer Eviction Protection Package)
Our Fees:
At Arizona Property Management & Investments, we recognize that all our clients require an individual approach. An institutional landlord will require a different service than an individual investor, family trust, overseas and out of state landlord. Some prefer us to manage their portfolio, gathering income while others require special input, reports or meetings. In summary we can offer a tailored service to suit each client’s individual needs and requirements.
If you are considering having your property or properties managed by our company, please contact us at (888) 777-6664 ext 111 for further information for our management services.

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