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Where are we going from here? REAL ESTATE MARKET IS HOT HOT HOT IN ARIZONA.

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Where are we going from here?

On the one hand I wish the phones stopped ringing, on the other this is best market we have had since the crash of real estate in 2006/2007.  In some areas prices have surpassed the heights of 2004/2005, in others they are getting very close to it. 

Unemployment is at its lowest level in Phoenix Metro since 2006. Good luck finding a handyman, a skilled construction worker or even a skilled office manager at a reasonable hourly rate! In June 2015 unemployment rate dropped to 5% less than the 5.3% national average.  There have been 61,400 new hires in Maricopa and Pinal counties since February 2014, according to the Arizona Department of Administration ---  a pace higher than the average number of new jobs created during February over the last 10 years.

Mortgage companies are back logged 45 to 60 days. Days you put an offer with closed of escrow within 30 days are over! Rates are low, down payment assistance programs are back, financial institutions have eased up, first time home buyers and renters are swarming the market and multiple offers jamming up the fax machines. 

Title companies, I call them the “Moo Cow Corrals” offer no incentives to Realtors to get their business, let alone offering their clients a glass of water going to sign their docs. Buyers, Seller check your HUDs twice before you sign on the dotted line. They are making a ton of mistakes.  
Who is buying who is moving to Phoenix? 

Renters who lost their homes are on the top of the chart, second to that are the first time home buyers and thirdly savvy investor, Californians and opportunists.

From 2008-2011forclosures and short sales had become the norms of the market. As the result, too many home owners lost their homes and entered the rental market. 7 out of 10 of our tenants when they give their notice to vacate, “BOUGHT A HOUSE” is their answer to why they are moving out.  
With rent increasing 15 to 30 percent in most areas in the past 18 months and how affordable homes

are still out here in Phoenix Metro, rates being so low, banks competing and sellers contributing up to 3% towards buyers closing costs, it will be foolish not to buy a home. We see a lot of first time home buyers entering the market. For just a little more than their deposits and first months rents combined, they are buying homes and their payments are equal or a bit higher than the rent. 

Savvy investors sold their investment properties in California where prices have sky rocketed and it feels like we are back in the 2003 area where speculators were sleeping behind the new home construction offices to enter into a drawing to buy a home. Owning rental properties in Phoenix Metro pencils out way better than in larger metropolitan areas, especially in California. I heard from one investor in California that the exchange boards at her 1031 exchange office are filled up with investors looking to complete their exchanges and no properties to exchange it with in California that makes any sense. A lot of them are coming to Arizona from buying one to multiple single family homes to mid and large size multiplexes. I know first hands because we are getting those calls.
Younger Californians especially from Silicon Valley area are moving to Scottsdale. They tell me, you cannot get a decent condo for $700,000 up there. A 3000 square feet home with pool on a large size lot in a decent area costs a fortune. Most tech guys work from home anyway. So we get a lot of those calls too. Quite a few that have already moved down here seem to be very happy with their decisions specially the ones with children.

We also see a lot of big corporations in the east coast transferring their head honchos to Phoenix Metro looking to expand their operation. Cooperate relocation has picked up by at least 6% in the last 12 months and a few more applications are under review as we speak. 

Recently there have had quite a few tenants with good credits from Los Angeles and Orange County moving to Arizona in search of new opportunities.  Soon they will enter the home buying market as well. 

Who are the sellers? 

A)     Owners that have been under water with their mortgages for the last ten years finding it now make sense to sell.
B)      Canadians investors: Most of the Canadians who bought investment properties in Phoenix Metro bought in when Canadian Dollar and US Dollar were at par in 2011. Now one US Dollar equals to 1.33 Canadian Dollar so they enjoy the property value appreciation plus an additional 33%.
C)      Owners who are up sizing/downsizing. Regular sellers.
D)     Flippers. There are still some opportunities not as much in the lower end homes out there to fix and flip. Higher price homes make more sense as long as the economy is doing well. A fine line to walk in that area. Be careful.  
E)     Very little foreclosure.

We specialize in buying and selling investment opportunities from a single family home to multi million dollar multiplexes. Our team at Global Real Estate Investments consists of seasoned Realtors that have got the pulse of the market and can lead you to the right opportunities. Our property management Company, Arizona Property Management & Investments is an award winning property Management Company in Phoenix Metro ready to get your vacancies filled and get those dollars into your back account reducing your liabilities. Our Maintenance Company, Arizona Handyman and Remolding Services LLC makes sure your investment is maintained well and up to date at a reasonable cost reducing your overhead  adding to your bottom line.

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By looking at the articles below, you will see that we have been preaching those areas to our investors for the past two years.  We know what, where and how to help you make your next investment move to maximize your long and short term gains. Don’t make this decision on your own even if you live in Phoenix yourself. This is a free consultation.

Thank you.
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Arizona Property Management & Investments
Call For a Free Property Management Quote:
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8 Phoenix-area cities hit top 50 healthiest US housing markets


Eight Arizona cities are rising in the ranks of healthiest housing markets in the U.S., according to a WalletHub study. They all landed in the top 50 healthiest U.S. housing markets for comparably sized cities based on population.
Gilbert, a midsize city, ranked the highest of the Arizona cities at No. 11. Chandler was next at No. 22 and Tempe ranked No. 28 in the midsize cities. Among large U.S. cities Mesa ranked No. 40 and Phoenix was No. 46.

The website consolidated rankings in 14 criteria, including pricing, percent of homes still under water, days on market, affordability, and other measures to determine the healthiest markets in the U.S.

Texas topped the healthiest markets list with No. 1 positions for Austin (large), Plano (midsize) and Frisco (small).
Other Western markets ranked high as well. Seattle (No. 2, large) and Denver (No. 3, large) ranked higher than all Arizona cities. Salt Lake City (No. 21, midsize), trailed Gilbert, but was just one ranking ahead of Chandler.
Rank of Arizona cities among healthiest U.S. residential real estate markets
  • 11 Midsize - Gilbert
  • 22 Midsize - Chandler
  • 28 Midsize - Tempe
  • 35 Midsize - Peoria
  • 36 Midsize - Scottsdale
  • 40 Large - Mesa
  • 46 Large - Phoenix
  • 49 Large - Tucson
  • 55 Midsize - Glendale
  • 88 Small - Surprise
  • 123 Small - Yuma
Source: WalletHub
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